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LenSphere one of those gadgets that'll help shape future photography gadgets. This truly is the epitome of creative innovation. Works with all mobile and cameras and modern camera functions.

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Step 1

Using industrial cutting blades big, raw chunks of real crystal glass material is cut into perfect cubes; one cube per Sphere.

Step 2

The freshly cut cubes are now placed on a heat resistant belt that will run them through an oven. Inside the oven they are gradually heated up to about 1500 degrees C.

Step 3

The cubes are now pressed into perfectly Spherical Crystal Balls using an industrial hydraulic press.

Step 4

The Spheres are placed in groups to be cooled down slowly to avoid the risk of imperfections. Eventually they are cooled down to roughly room temperature.

Step 5

Through multiple steps of polising the Spheres are brought to a perfectly round shape. However after this process they are still not 100 % transparent.

Step 6

The almost-finished Spheres are put in slots inside a high-speed polishing disc machine. Inside this machine they stay for a while until their surface is completely transparent and perfectly balanced.

Step 7

The final Spheres are put under inspection for imperfections. Since our process of creation is very thorough typically only 30% of the Spheres are recycled to be used all over again which means we experience a 70% success rate. You now have the final product; a completely perfect crystal Sphere optimized for stunning photography.

The Difference Between The Lens Sphere & Our Fellow Gadgeteers

The majority of crystal lenses on the market advertise the use of K9 Crystal Glass. K9 is a really durable material, but it is not real crystal! K9 is a Chinese Optical Borosilicate Glassware. Though this material is often used in high-end chandeliers, it's not the most optical material for crystal lenses!

The Lens Sphere is created from 100% pure, premium quality crystal glass. Real Crystal.

We want to offer you the absolute highest clarity in your Lens! The only way we could do this, was to go out and find someone who could provide materials even better than K9 Crystal Glass. We did exactly what we set out to do, and the results? Absolutely astounding!


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