Our Passion.


As the founders of Crystallized Photography, we have always loved everything about photography. It allows us to capture truly unique moments and create art with our cameras. Photography is not just a hobby for us but an avenue to transform what is otherwise known to be fleeting instances to lasting memories.


The Search. The Find.


For years, we've been looking for ways to improve our photography and how to yield better results each time. Somewhere along the road, we stumbled upon a breathtaking photo taken through a crystal ball showcasing an absolutely stunning view of a sunset dancing on the surface of the ocean. It was then that we fell in love with the concept of crystallized photography and the beauty inspired by it.


Giving Back.


We knew right from the start that this experience was something we wanted to share with the world, and thus the LensSphere was invented. Some might say it is just a crystal ball. We beg to differ. This ball is constructed of the absolute top-grade crystal material. You see, most crystal balls are made of K9 "crystal". The thing is, K9 is not real crystal; it does not give you the same clarity and scoping effect as real crystal. Through our LensSphere and the crystal it is constructed of, you get something that truly captures a moment and creates a world with immense clarity. There is simply no comparison.


Shaped to Perfection


We've spent a long time perfecting the quality of our LensSpheres to bring you, our customers and family, the absolute highest quality material on the market. With its supreme clarity, we are confident that it will give you a unique and special new angle to take with you in your photography adventures.


We hope you enjoyed this little story about how the idea of Interstellar Living came to life; based on true passion for the Universe and all of the beauty it contains.


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