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OctoPod DSLR/Mobile Super Flexible TriPod System!

$ 19.95

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Tripods are annoying. Simple statement, yet to some degree, it's just right. They can be a true hassle to get set-up probably and it's just inconvenient! That's why you need an OctoPod! This nifty little thing will make it as easy as ever to get that perfectly still photo, ANYWHERE!
The OctoPod is innovation at it's peak! Instead of bringing your 700 foot tripod with you everywhere, you can simply just bring the OctoPod! At first you might be confused about this little device, but rest assured, it doesn't actually have 8 legs. It does however have 3 legs, that you can configure on-the-go, so you'll be ready for that steady-cam shot at all times!

Product Features

  • Flexibility Is Key! - The OctoPod truly takes advantage of flexibility in all aspects! The arms can wrap a multitude of different surfaces with no issue whatsoever! You can wrap it around, on top, from bellow.. Whatever you fancy!
  • Superior Strength! - Even thought it's flexible, you won't have to sacrifice your camera or phone to the surface of concrete! The OctoPod DSLR Version holds up to 3 KGs (~ 7 pounds) of camera gear! Never lose your expensive gear to a faulty tripod again!
  • Versatility Is Also Key! - Have a different camera or need to attach the OctoPod to your lens instead of your camera? No worries! The OctoPod is attached with a converter that can easily be screwed on or off for all use purpose!

A great alternative to the traditional tripods out there. We believe that innovation which brings convenience to the table, is simply life-improving. The OctoPod really is a fantastic take on a traditional tripod. It brings so much to the table in both design, sturdiness and versatility. It simply is the epitome of innovation. We're certain you're going to find a way to use this amazing device, you're an artistic soul after all!



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