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SteadiHand - Phone & GoPro Gimbal

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$ 149.95


Meet The SteadiHand! An incredibly simple, yet amazingly smart videography & photography tool!
The SteadiHand is a sturdy hand-held gimbal which offers amazing image stabilization, a "follow me feature" and much more! It's not just a gimbal, it's the perfect companion for taking out your phone for an awesome shoot! Or your action camera! Whatever you prefer!
Take the SteadiHand with you anywhere! It's so neat and compact, it'll fit in your backpack, with no problems! And don't worry about confined spaces with this Gimbal! It may have been made from light materials, to ensure you can carry it with you for hours on end, but that doesn't mean it's made with cheap materials. The SteadiHand is made from a mix of high-quality metal, and light-weight, sturdy plastic for the handle. It's simply the perfect combo!

Key Features

  • Lasts as Long as You Need! - The SteadiHand has an incredible battery life of up to 8 hours, with just 2 hours of charging. The battery is a high-quality lithium battery, as they come best! This means, it's rechargeable, and you can buy more, if you need more! The sky really is the limit here!
  • Professional, Yet Easy-To-Use! - The SteadiHand is a truly professional piece of equipment, but that doesn't mean you have to be a rocket scientist to use it! The App is very user friendly and feels intuitive to use for beginners to intermediates alike! 
  • A Video & Photo Must-Have! - You haven't tried steady, till you've tried SteadiHand. If you're looking for a budget-friendly hand-held gimbal in top quality, you've come to the right place, and the SteadiHand is easily a must-have for you!

A Gimbal is just that one tool you need to really up your video & photo game. Image stabilization nowadays is good, but it's not SteadiHand good. We wouldn't have bothered designing this amazing gimbal, if we weren't absolutely certain, that you'd love it. We kept you, the customer, the one with similar interests to us, in mind as we tested, and designed this device. We're certain you'll love working with the SteadiHand!



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